Hello there, Russell (Snappd Co-Founder)

I'm Russell, co-founder at Snappd.

I'll cut straight to it — Video is the most powerful medium online!

It's one of the best ways to connect with people around the world. To share your message, your vision, your products, your brand & ultimately build trust.

Also it's never been a better time for video, internet speeds globally are reaching new levels.

But brands still are struggling to utilize the full power of video (Outside of social media)

On social media, brands are getting billions of views a day — but their owned channels such as their website, blog or newsletter lack this connection and engagement.

At Snappd we believe this is down to a number of reasons:

  1. Video is too time consuming to create
  2. Requires equipment & editing software
  3. Feeling of unease when recording
  4. Not knowing how to structure your video

So we set out to address these problems. We believe we have created the easiest way for brands of all sizes to add authentic & interactive video to their website, blog, newsletter or anywhere across the web.

We did this by taking the structure of the stories format that works so well on social media and rebuilt it from the ground up as a native web experience. Enabling integrations to the tools and services your website likely already uses.

Now your website visitors can experience your product or service as if they have it in their hands, or a place as if they are actually there.

This format of video is easier to create, does not require any additional tools or equipment and the framing feels more personal compared to other forms of video, helping to create more of a connection & build much needed trust between you and your viewer.

We think you'll love it! Take a look using the link below.

Have a great day —

Check out Snappd here.

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