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Storytelling is an art as old as time, and social media stories are changing the world. These stories strengthen the relationships brands share with consumers, breaking traditional marketing sterility and ushering in the one thing that converts - humanity.

At Snappd, we believe in using the power of social stories to raise brand awareness, which begins with moving stories off social and onto your website.

Studies show that mobile is the #1 format consumers use to engage with brands. To meet this demand, it’s critical to deliver seamless web experiences.

Why Snappd?

Stories increase mobile conversions, but they have to be done right.
That’s why we help ecommerce businesses, online publishers, sports teams, and a broad range of small businesses tell stories with confidence.

With our powerful software, you can easily pull your Instagram story content onto your website. Don’t want to rehash an old story? Create a new one yourself right from our dashboard. Upload and edit clips in seconds, sending the final creation straight to your site.

This works great for product launches, showcasing new collections and special events! Unlike regular stories which vanish after 24 hours, yours can stay where you put them for as long as you need them.

Snappd gives us the ability to combine the power of stories with user generated content & deliver it through our website.
The result is massive credibility in a format that people enjoy much more than regular video.

E-Commerce Brands

From fashion to beauty and beyond, Snappd has changed the way brands make their mark. Consumers love learning about new products through stories, getting up close and personal it's closest thing to an in-store experience they’ll find online.

Online Publishers and Blogs

While most publishers fall behind in the digital world, Snappd pushes you ahead through immersive video stories on your website. Garner more engagement, get people to stay on your site for longer, and trigger the revenue influx you deserve.

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