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Stories saved every 24 hours.
Your Insta story game is strong so why let these videos disappear? We automatically save your story every 24hrs so that you focus on creating awesome videos.
Story Widget
Stories Widget for your website
Bring life to your website & boost engagement with your already made content. The widget can be embedded with just a few lines of code - we’re happy to set it up at no extra cost!
Email Notification
Email notification to share story across social media
You will receive an email each time a story has been published with a link to repurpose and share on Facebook and Twitter.
Email Support
Email support
Our dedicated team is happy to help with any questions, we make sure to reply as soon as possible.
Tag & Description
Handcrafted descriptions & tags for each story
All stories are reviewed by our team, we add tags and descriptions to add context to your stories. You can also edit any of these from the dashboard.
SEO & Hosting
Stories indexed for SEO & hosting included.
All stories are hosted on the mighty Google Cloud to ensure scalability and the best possible uptime.
Video Encoding
Video encoding included
After each story is fetched, it is then encoded for optimal audio & HD quality playback across all devices.
Analytics Coming Soon
See how your stories perform on your website & when shared across different platforms by tracking views & completion rates.


£149 / Month
£1,639 / Year

What Do I Get?

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Instagram stories saved automatically every 24 hours
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Hosting & video encoding for all stories
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Responsive website widget for desktop & mobile
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Stories indexed for SEO
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Email to notify when new story has been uploaded
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Handcrafted descriptions & tags for each story
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Email support
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Analytics Coming soon
Web Statistics